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Rocky Mountain Studios, Calgary Wedding Videography

At Rocky Mountain Studios we are extremely passionate about video production. We have experience filming sporting events, corporate interviews and many different styles of weddings. Specializing in wedding videography, we know how important the right location is. While we are located in Calgary, we are available to travel to wherever your wedding may be! Popular locations include Canmore, Banff, Cranbrook, Edmonton and more. We use HD cameras and professional video equipment to capture your event in the highest quality possible. Take a look at our gallery and let our videos speak for themselves.  Please see our contact page to get in touch and check for availability! 

Family run

Brett Butler

Professional Wedding Videographer, Calgary Wedding Videographer

Jason Balzer

Professional Wedding Videographer, Canmore Wedding Videographer

Dream Duo


Brett and Jason both share the same passion; a desire to produce creative and artistic films. With this, they strive to make every film they produce special and unique to the client. Filming weddings is not just a hobby for them. Instead, they are driven by the desire to stay at the top of the industry, and to provide their clients with excellent films.

As cousins, Brett and Jason know each other unlike a common business relationship. This results in a fluidity throughout the day that translates into a smoother workflow and ultimately a better final product.